How has Tao affected my life(道如何影响我年輕的心)-Blair Ye

2019-10-18 11:43:44

How has Tao affected my life? 

Tao has had a positive effect on my life. To begin with I believed Tao was just another word used by my parents and the other adults around me, a word that had no significance to me. I would go to temple because it is the right thing to do and pray, then sit down and read a book or do my work because I did not understand what they were saying, there was a language barrier. 

Though I wish I could understand what they were saying, I was somewhat sad at myself since I go to temple and did not understand anything they were saying.  

I’m lucky enough to have people around me that want to pass this information about Tao to the next generation in English preventing the language barrier.  We began with fortnightly lessons about Tao and I began to understand. Though I am still learning about these things I can only believe one day I will understand it all whatever it may be.

 These lessons we had brought up ideas and values that we should follow. Things like Enduring and Harmony were brought up during our lessons but a topic that really made me change was a simple idea of being nice to one another and helping each other.

I have a friend. He had been my friend for a very long time and he had an excursion that he had the opportunity to go to but a teacher that we had would not allow him to go since he had not handed in much work for the subject. So I helped him I was weary to begin with because I normally would not have helped anyone in that situation even if he was my friend. I felt good for helping a friend and when you feel happy your surroundings are usually going to suit your mood. I’ve learnt from lessons about Tao to be nicer to each other and lend a helping hand because if you help one person that person can help others and others in  good  . because they remember how nice you were and want to try and change their lives for the better. 

If you want to know more about Tao, the way to begin is by asking questions and things will become clearer because nobody will help you unless you ask for it and that is something I have learnt over the years.





我們開設了『英文茶會班』, 每兩星期的週五,我開始明白「道」是什麼,雖然我還在學習,我相信總有一天我會明白這一切的。





By 九達文德長老院 皓彰組 澳洲單位
葉昱顯 - Blair Ye (1996年次)