One Act of Random Kindness - A Step of young man 隨缘善應 - 年青之步 Hur Fong Chia

2019-10-18 11:14:52

When you see an issue, a problem, would you fix it up? or leave it hoping someone else can fix it for you. The issue probably had nothing to do with you in the first place. But, all you have to do is open up your mind and let your true heart lead the way, this is natural and ‘Tao’ is Natural.

If it was I, I would fix the problem up without a doubt. Fixing the smallest problems we see in our world already makes the world a better place.

Helping a friend when he needs help, or helping an elderly walk across the street can keep your heart happy for the full day. 

When I learned Tao, I understood that being natural is the best thing; we are to be natural to help others and ourselves.

I remember one time, when I saw a kid injured on the floor, I immediately ran up to him to check if he was okay, I then sought medical attention for him by bringing him to one of the adults. At the first sight when I saw the injured boy, I immediately knew what I had to do, it was natural. I didn't wait for anyone to take my place and help him; I just did what I had to do.

The time I was helping the kid, my brain and heart was only fixed on saving the kid, even though the injury may not have been fatal, I only wished him well and that he would have a fast recovery.

The gates of heaven were open while I was helping this kid; my heart was open and filled with kindness. I know what I did was the natural reaction and the right thing. 

Understanding of Tao can be started by doing simple things like these, be kind to others and see the world as a beautiful place. 
You may not know but if you want to open your mind then you can start with the 'One Act of Random Kindness'. I'm on the streets, I randomly see a piece of rubbish on the floor, I will randomly pick it up and throw it in the bin, the event is random, but what I did was not. This is Tao because what I have started to do is express my random kindness naturally to the world. We can kindly do simple good things that benefit our environment, yourself or others to make our world an even better place.
I have learnt a lot through understanding Tao, I know the benefits from helping others, and I know not to be petty-minded over small things and learn to be forgiving. I know that I do what my heart really wants me to do, because it is right, it is Tao in my daily life.


隨缘善應 - 年青之步









By:謝和峰 - Hur Fong Chia(1997年生)/九達文德長老院 皓彰組 澳洲單位   
譯:明誠 (傳拓根據作者原意初校)